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Frequently asked questions

🤔 Why did you make SubscriptionZero?

Because clutter kills your productivity! Our whole workday revolves around our mailbox. A cluttered inbox is distracting and let's not talk about how slow searches are!

📩 Do you request access to my mailbox?

No! SubscriptionZero will never request access to your mailbox. A lot of similar services requests these rights but SubscriptionZero goes to great lengths to get around this.

🔐 Does SubscriptionZero protect my privacy?

Of course! You'll be able to subscribe to any service without handing out your email address. A lot of information is tied to your email address nowadays, so it makes sense to protect it.

✋ Can I unsubscribe from newsletters?

Yes! Not only that SubscriptionZero automatically blocks the newsletter too. We've all had that newsletter from which we can't seem to unsubscribe. Now we can!

⌚️ Can I control when I receive the digests?

Yes! You can control on which day of the week and at what time you want to receive your newsletter digest.

🙋‍♀️ How much does it cost?

SubscriptionZero is free! Because we believe that everyone should have a decluttered inbox.